I Wear Panties As A Personal Thing

As a young child I always wondered how it would be like to be a girl. At age 11 I began to find out because that's when I began cross-dressing. The clothes were wonderful but the feelings were even better. It just seemed  to be so right for me to be feminine. I was afraid of being caught, and I felt guilty for my dressing. But I enjoyed cross-dressing. I finally realized that I am a woman living in a male body. For family and financial reasons I continue to live in the closet. For me wearing panties everyday is a personal thing. When I wear them I feel soft and even a little pretty. Feeling this way gives me a little positive boost for the day. I feel a little more open to others and a little more caring. It's just very nice. I feel like I have something in common with other women. It's hard to put feelings in to words. I like regular briefs and bikinis. A little lace is nice too. I like little touches like that. My favorite brand is Vanity Fair and sometimes Maiden Form. They are just very nice. I never wear that old cotton underwear that men wear. So that's my story. I love shopping for clothes.

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2 Responses Mar 11, 2010

Hi i love wearing panties , but mostly regular thongs and Brazilian bikini guy, they are my everyday underwear, In teen used to LOVE wearing a pink cotton very skimpy panty, i was already sexually active with a man and got ****** a LOT, made me feel very feminine and sexy .

Good for you.....whatever makes you happy.I also discovered the delights of womens underwear as a young by but never carried it into adukthood thanks to age old predujices...now I am making up for lost time and I can be found dressed in pretty panties every minute of the day...material is irrelevant as long as the colours and patterns are pretty and have some varying degree of lacey bits on them too!!!!