I Love Panties

I got started wearing panties when I was about 20 and working in a pub, I sometimes stayed overnight there and often slept in the landlords daughters room when she was staying out with her boyfriend, One night when I went into the room a pair of skimpy silk panties was on the bottom of the bed , so curiosity got me going and I got undressed and decided to try on the panties, i had not got them half way up my legs and the feel of the silk against them gave me the biggest hard on I ever had, i pulled them on quickly and rubbed my **** through the silky smooth material and had the best *********** I had ever had since I lost my virginity. I had some other good nights there and must have tried on all her panties one night, my **** was red raw the next morning, needless to say a few pair went missing, If panties can make a girl look sexy wearing them why cant it be the same for a hot blooded male wearing them, I'm as straight as they come I think, but i cant bring myself to tell my wife about my fetish, since then I have aquired afew pair from here and there and have some nice times on my own wearing them.

rayzer rayzer
51-55, M
Mar 12, 2010