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i just love pads, they get me really horny when they rub my balls!

00nothankyou2010 00nothankyou2010 18-21 11 Responses May 2, 2010

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just want to say me 2 likes wearing pads x

Nice **** by the way

thanks for sharing, I like pads and tampons too, pads feel nice when they rub against you, tampons feel nice inside and I like pulling on the string and feeling the tension against my *** '*****' lips

better go get some in me now :) mmmm

wow.... and mmmmmmmmmmmmmm hole cover.

Yep me too but not wearing panties. Normal guy undies for me.

I love wearing pads and tampons it makes me feel so womanly.

i like kotex. but will use any really... just make sure it actually sticks to the panties! =)

it fits when im not horny, my **** gets way way small when its not "up" haha

how big is it small and up ?

my gf says mines a turtle! it goes really small and hides when I'm not up

How do YoU fit YOr **** into THe pINg PAnty :Z?.

nope, not an EP paid member, when you post a story it asks for a title

and then it says "Now write your story below..." right below that is going to be the 5 icon

right after the B for bold letter I for itallics U for underline and abc strike through..

I love wearing over night pads ans super tampons