Wearing Of Sanitary Napkins

 I am a male & started wearing them off & on from the age of 13/14 until I was about 23yrs old & I had the house all to myself after my father & mother got back together & he decided to move in with her, I now wear them every month, to-day I am wearing a looped one & belt inside my white panties
which are covered by a pair of white tights/pantyhose, along with them I have on a white bra & a white midi skirt all being worn under my male clothing at the moment as I am down at the public library, on getting home off will come my male clothing & in will go my breast forms & a female top until this evening
when I go out to the take away.
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Sounds like you truely enjoy the sensations. Your attuned to your body. Try this, yestday I did my once a month inserttion of a NOrforms feminine deoderant supository up the rectum. It was a great experience, first i chilled it in the fridge, then inserted it. Sometimes it takes all day for the bowels to react, sometimes it happens quickly. Well about 1/2 hour after insertion I felt the need to go to the throne. I was wearing a sanitary pantie complete with a belted pad and the eruption came before I could make it to the bathroom. It expelled and soiled the napkin, such a great feeling, you should try it.

you are so lucky, enjoy

why am I so lucky