Sanitary Pad While I Sleep

We didn't have air conditioning when I was young, so I always slept in the buff in warm weather. My mom complained about the spots on the sheets from my dribbles at night.

One night at bedtime, she came into my room with two packages. She opened the packages and showed my a pad and a belt. She told me that if I wanted to sleep without underwear, I must wear the pad to protect the sheets. She then showed me how to put on the belt and attach the pad. I wore a pad and belt all summer and every summer since.

Now I am so used to wearing a pad at night, I wear one every night. Since we now have air conditioning, I use the stick-on pads inside my briefs. I no longer wear a belted pad. Belted pads are hard to find.
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2 Responses Aug 18, 2012

Try a male pee guard by "TENA".... use them all the time just like a MAXI PAD but shaped slighty them, as a matter of fact wearing on now, and dribbling in it....If you look in my photo area, there is an album titled "Misc"....I have a photo of the pad.

I love pads also.I see we share many little things girl....Love the feel and the security...Many girl things I find very practical.Wearing a girdle helps support my weak belly.Having had a hernia I learned about the dangers of getting a "film" for support.I started wearing girdles and have been able to fully function using this great invention.I thank myself everynight when I go to bed for being the woman I really am inside.Thanks God for all my sucesses I feel inside....