I love to wear a sanitary belt and sanitary pads

I love to wear sanitary pads with a belt. I have some hospital size pads which are really big. I like to wear my belt and pad around the house while wearing a camisole top. It is really comfortable especially when its hot out. My wife thinks its cute and was a great help when I first got them in getting everything adjusted right.  She still likes to fuss over them much to my delight.  I got a belt for her so when we have sex she wears a belt and pad as well which is so exciting.  She will caress the outside of the pad which feels so,so good. We finally move them to the side and the friction is exquisite.I also have stick on pads that I sometimes wear with my panties. I like the large overnite sizes in those as well. My wife helps me put them in my panties.  She will also wear her belt and pad while wearing a bra when doing house work. We live in a rather secluded area so I am able to do yard work while wearing my belt and sanitary pad along with a camisole. I can sometimes get her to do yardwork wearing her pad and belt but not too often as she worries about getting caught.
I also wear panties 24/7.  
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How Lucky are you.

I have been on belt and pads for over 20 years, even today, your folks can easily find good belts in ebay website. I just love using woman goodies and have them wrap on my dd, I feel so good, secure and comfortable. I am also on under wired bra everyday when I go out, it provide my breast support and give me secure feeling. Got used to wearing them,

i have always preferred belted ones to stick on