First Time

The first time i got to wear a sanitary towel / pad it was a Dr Whites no 2 I was 13 i head seen my mother wearing them and i was already crossdressing so it was the next stage in being a girl.The funny thing was my mother could not understand why she would run out of towels,if she  only knew what i was up to .Now i wear kotex maternity pads they are long and thick.I wear them all the time when i am at home and a pantie liner when i am out and some times a tampon.
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I have also wearing woman sanitary belt, pads, tampons, bras, panties, and etc. for over 25-30 years, I been doing this since I was 14, I wear women sanitary belt with stack paper and napkins . If it is not everyday but at least 4-5 days a week, I just love the feeling when wearing it, I also wear bras. I love the feeling norman woman have when I have female things with me, I just love doing this, and it makes me so energized and my jj is wraped and rubbed all the time, plus when tampon is inside of my boby, feels so good. I use all woman things when I go to school and work, day and night, I do not even mind people can clearly see my bra things from my shirt. I always buy overnight extra long stayfree napkins, I feel it gives me a very good protection. Any question, please e-mail me at

When I was around 12 years I started to notice my mothers pads. I didn't know where they were for or how to use them but they keep attracting my attention. After reading the package I tried to wear one. Instantly loved the feeling of a towel between my leg. From there on I started wearing them more and more. Since I moved out of the house I wear them weakly and sometimes even to work. The idea of wearing them without anybody noticing is nice. Also when I standing next to a female colleague I'm fantasying about the idea what she could be wearing.

I mainly wear Libresse (bodyform in the UK). I don't have any problems with buying it at the grocery store. So I have them in my house all the time.

After all these years I still love the feeling and it doesn't hurt anybody so I will keep wearing them

Stijles, good to read your one. Have you tried to use sanitary belt + pads? it wraps you in very exciting way. Even better fantasizing feeling about to be a woman.