As a young  bloke of 6 i remember seeing  both  my sister and  mother  putting  on  these looped sanitary napkins .[When they were not  around  i snuck in and examined the pads  in detail, just thinking about those sanitary pads gets  me hot & bothered.They are about 10inches perhaps a foot long, ten  to a  cardboard box, Kotex, Lady, Modess, Sanita and Ana brands.Each of them has a loop on each  end. Very soft and had a unique  scent that I have  not  yet identified, that  scent  gets  me  going  too.the  current  pads [looped] do  not  have  the scent. ] I found  a  picture of  a  woman wearing a looped sanitary towel ..found that  very hot , on a rag  box, explaining how  to  wear  the  rags, have not  found it again.My  wife  has  let  me  watch  her put rags on ... wonderful woman.She  is  my  life.!

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Yep you have a GOOD woman there!!

do an internet search for women changeing pads , risque renee does a video where her and angel ty on different pads nice

Could you tell me two or three addresses of women wearing a looped sanitary towel?If you do so,I will rather be grateful and excited.