Wearing Mens Pads

once i was in the store...  i was looking into sanitary pads kotex, always etc (not planing to buy, just watching) when i saw in a nearby section, these masculine pads. I was exited of thinking on those sanitary males napkings between my legs. I thought finally someone thought in mens necesities. I did not spent time and decided to go home with one package of those masculine kotex...   once in home, i took one of those pads and put into my panties...  it was a great feeling, those covered from the front to my h o l e, it covers perfectly and look very well, if i see my but't in a mirror, i can also see the rear part of the napking in my as's thru my seme trasnparent panty. I remember i stayed all the day with that kotex, i went to the mall, i visited some friends while wearing it. it was a very exiting experience... Finally, when i read the envelope, i realized that i was wearing some product for masculine incontinence, anyway they looked like kotex, not like a diaper...  they are bigger than kotex, but anyway, they feel very good. i recomend you to use them (tena men protectors)

Victtor Victtor
26-30, M
1 Response Dec 10, 2009

I love Kotex overnight maxi pads because they are for females. I don't want to wear something for male incontinence. That would ruin the whole fantasy for me. When I pull my panties down and sit to pee, I see my kotex. It almost takes my breath away.