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Which Pad Do You Like Best?

Wearing incontinence pads started with a curiosity and is now a mainstay with me. I tried the mens pads and liked them but one day decided to try a womens pad and was hooked. I have tried all the brands of pads and have concluded that the Poise Ultimate (long) work the best. They fit my parts best and hold the most. You need to wear them with reasonably tight underwear, preferably nylon, and they perform much better than the mens. I do not have incontinence but like the security of not having an accident on a long commute or plane ride.

Anyone else tried Poise Ultimate Pads?

j8jones j8jones 46-50, M 8 Responses Jan 10, 2010

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my wife started me wearing pads after i told her when i go for a pee that i dribble in feel damp in my pants she said i should try a female pantie liner she did not no i had been wearing them for a few years for a trill i would *** in them and wear them all day so when she said for me to wear them i was in heaven now i wear them all day and she asks me if i need any and do i want to try any others

I wear poise long together with a depend silhouette for woman and a fr28 cath

You flow girl!!

I cath myself before putting the Poise pad in my panties. I have a slow leak and occasionally an accident. Makes if much more feminine. Yum!

I put a cat in with my woman panties it makes me feel so good I am completly incontinent and I love it by the way I am using a fr30 it will take a while to get use of
but but I it be worth it

I have tried the new Posise Ultimate Long (Overnight), old Tena Ultimate Overnight and the new Tena Overnight (with the purple *****).I find that the old Tena Ultimate were better than the new style Tena Overnight with the purple *****. The old Tean Ultimate had the wide ends and now just the back on the new Tena Overnight is wide. The new Tena Overnight is also slighlty shorter in length. There is one plus side, it appears they put some sort of scent in them so the new Tena Overnight release a slightly pleasnt odor after urine has been abored.With all that said, I actually prefer the Poise Ultimate Long. The design with the leak guards and natural shape produces way less leaks for me personally. I find that I prefer the Poise.

I really don't think they are noticable unless maybe under tight pants or someting. I was paranoid at first too that others would be able to see them in my crotch. But like anything else, we grow more comfortable in time. Even if someone could detect it, what would they do, or say? I have worn the biggest pads under tigtht jeans and been in a situation where I had to bend over in front of others (to liik at their computer) and was sure they saw it, but nothing ever came of it. The Tena Overnights have been my choice but they have changed the design and not I don't think I like them as much. Maybe I will go back to the Poise ultimate longs.... Anyone else notice the "new improved" Tena design?

In use different napkins because I like to use them every minute. Because of this it is necessary to have the right one for every case. But there is one rule: As bigger the napkin is as better. Big means the dimensions. It is important that the napkin is long, wide and the thickness is also important. Do you have experiance with the visibility for other people of the napkin?

i wear doctor whites with a belt, so nice

Hello Lazz1
Just like you I use Dr Whites looped sanitary towels with a belt, and also use tampons, the feeling between your legs when sitting and walking is so lovely and makes you feel so femme.

I did a little testing and found that the Poise Ultimate actually held more liquid than the Tena Ultimate. Additionally, the Poise were more resistant to leaking if squeezed (like sitting on it), probably because they use more of the absorbent jel inside. The Poise also have better elastic sides which better wrap around the hanging parts, further reducing leaks.<br />
<br />
No I don't work for Poise, I have just done my own product testing....