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i like to think of myself as an average guy in high school. im 15 i play select hockey, golf for my high school,100% strait, and have alot of good freinds. when i was in 6th grade i started to want to wear womens panties and i could not figure out why. so me not having a sister i stole 2 pairs of my younger cousens underwear while at there house, i loved them. i wore the all the time, even started wearing them to school (even though i had to change in the bathroom after football practice so no one would see). after about a mounth of this i started feeling cocky so i started letting the back of the brightly colored bikini underwear show when i sat around girls. this went on through the rest of 6th grade where over the summer i discovered thongs. i knew i couldent go into the store and buy any, so i stole 1 from my freinds mom who was very hot. (i felt very bad about stealing them). i loved these most of all, i got up the courage to wear them under my boxers to school, then with no boxers. i was always very caucios not to axidentally show them. over the summer this thing faded and i went back to boxers and boxer briefs. in the mid of 8th grade my liking of it came back and i felt more bold and mature. i somehow mustered up the courage to buy my own. i saved my money and i waited for the perfect weekend and i rode my bike to the mall. i went in through the jcpenny and went strait to the womens section. (at this point im in a blur of excitement and extreme fear that i was actualy doing this). thank god there was no one there, i quickly went to the panties and bras section and found tables with them on them. i quickly grabbed 3 thongs and i went to checkout. they fit perfictly unlike the others i had stolen, so theey fely amazing. i wore these only under my boxer-breifs for the rest of the year and made another trip to jcpenny and had accumulated 4 more. when the summer came around i had a mounth where i felt what i was doing was wrong in some way, so i threw away all except one.twords later in the summer i regretted this decision and needed more. so i decided i wanted to go to victorias secret. ( to me this was the motherload, if i could pull this off im the champion and i figured i never would get the courage to). after a week of planning i decided to go even if i didnt want to if that makes sence. i wrote myself an insperational message on my phone that would come up at about the time i figured i would need it to go in there. i arrived at the mall and procrastinated this for awhile, ate some pizza, went to gamestop, but i knew i had to. as im zombieing past the victorias secret for the 100th time unable to turn my self and walk in i recieved the message and said to myself what the f..k lets do this and walked in. i was greeted nicely by a saleslady asking if i needed help. im standing at the drawrs looking at the different thongs picking out a few here and there needing 5 for there deal. the lady asked if i knew what size i needed and i said i think so (witch i found out was a small or a medium) getting 4 smalls and one medium i waited in the eternal checkout line and the lady thought it was for my girlfreind. i felt like a king for the next week for accomplishing this. when shool started up it took a mounth to get fully settled in and know my grounds. eventually i started wearing thongs every now and then to school, 2 weeks before the break i decided i would show a whale tail at school i planned and chose the best spot where no girls that were to popular and no guys were and wore a high shirt and wore my pants low. when i pulled up my shirt a little inconspicuisly to show the girl behind me and i left it like that for the rest of the class and herd them giggling but not much else. during winter break i convinced my dad to give me money to go buy my own jeans, but i knew mmy plan was to go get some yoga pants. ( before this my curiosity and want to wear yoga pants was growing, and seeing half the girls in the school everyday wearing yogapants showing off there nice butts obviosly wearing thongs definitly was a big factor to this) when i was at them mall i bought a pair of boot cut yoga pants that i tried on and were tight on the butt and thighs. they were super comfortable so i bought them and wore them occasionally at home when no one was around.
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I wear women's panties and yoga pants myself !