1st School Day In Them

i was wanting to wear my yoga pants to school more and more with each passing day. i decide with myself that i would the week after the super bowl ( even though i knew the chances of me actually doinig this were about .00001%) i decided that i could pull it off because if any of my freinds asked i could say i lost a super bowl bet and had to wear them. i had decided i would wear them under a pair of track suit pants and change when i got to school because i dont want my parrents finding out about this. thursday was the set day but i decided friday was better on thursday. on friday i woke up earlyer then usual, took a shower and spent the whole time thinking, should i do this or not. after about 5 minutes sitting on my bed my dad yells at me about hurrieng up i made the quick decion of f..k it and grabbed a shirt and a sweat jacket, put on the yoga pants,( with a thong underneith obviosly) and put on the track pant over it. i put a pair of boxers in my backpack incase i made the decion not to when i got there. i went and sat at the cafeteria and waited until the bell rang to let us into the hallways and to allow us to have 15 minutes before class starts. i head to the bathroom and go to one of the stalls, waited till everyone in the bathroom was gone and took off my track pants and slipped them into my backpack. i stood staring at the stall door for what seemed like eternity, took a deep breath, and walked out. on my way to first period i got alot of wtf stares from guys and some giggling from some girls. i was so scared i was shaking so i sat down at class and went through class.for the next few periods everything was normal exept for alot of awkward stares and between 3rd and 4th having these 2 girls walking behind me and hear one of them say to the other omg that guy is wearing yoga pants, thats awkward. and them giggling. the one thing that i was pleasently suprised about was all my good freinds were completly cool about it, i would see them look for a second and not care, only a few asked and i told them it was the super bowl bet and they thought it was funny. the only outlying thing about the day was 6th period art sculpture. i walked in that class and instantly saw this girl that sits across a table down stare the entire time i walked to my seat. ( where she and her freind sit they can see me perfectly) and i watched her out the corner of my eye get a huge grin and put her hand over her mouth. (let me clarify both of these girls in this next part are very hot but extremely annoing) when the other one sits down next to her after talking to the teacher the first one emeadiatly tells the other one and they both look, they both burst out into a histericle lauphter and wont stop. occasionly they will stop and one of them will say something and they will start lauphing again. at this point im starting to get extremely imbarresed. this goes into half way through the classand eventually i think they were talking about getting someone to ask me about it. this dude named exavier stands behind them and is like dude whats up with those pants, i completly ignore him and the girl stop the lauphing about 15 minutes left in class, im pretty sure they took some pictures to. im hoping now that ive done it i can do it another day probibly next week. i am very proud of myself for doing this, and i think this was succesful.
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You could have told him that they were the only pants strong enough to support your balls of steel, but seriously you don't have to explain yourself to anyone.

Niiice. :)

High school is usually a brutal place. You conform, or you get ridiculed. You knew it was coming, it's a question of how bad will it be and can I handle it. If you just have a thing for looking like the girls do (all good, that was me back then too), start off less conspicuous. Get yourself to an American eagle, hollister, or Abercrombie, out of town, and get some snug boot cut jeans with lots of stretch. Try them on and pick a cut that fits you well.
You need to break the world in slowly. After word gets all over school that you dress like a fem, it'll become old news. One VERY important thing though. How YOU handle it decides all. If you walk with fear and shame on your face they'll take full advantage. If you walk proud and confident, you'll gain admiration and respect from some. Remember, only the insecure ridicule. ;)

Little late, but I agree with you. Remembering that how you handle it matters, it's a tough thing to remember. I hated high school... I actually had interests, like ideas or concepts about what job I wanted to do. That was different from the norm, so people treated me differently. It was really stupid