My Perl Neckless

my husbend get so turnd on when i wear a really low cut shirt whith his or other mens dry c..m still on my chest. ( in public )it gets me so hot when other men see it. thay know without a doubt that im a ****. and proud of it!!
tonyaputsout tonyaputsout
8 Responses May 14, 2012

I agree! Add me!

I just learned that meaning for pearl necklass, thanks Tonya!
I bet if I saw you like that I'd get hot more than you... ;-)

when is it my turn

When ever you're ready big boy

love to see your pics and cumm on them

I'd loke to have a turn.

Id love to *** **** you Tanya and give you a nice big pearl necklace ! im sure you would wear it proudly my lil sexy hot **** ! oh yeah ! growl !

thanks i wold gladly wear your *** for you(and him) we could go out and eat or sumthing afterwerd we have a litel mex resteront we go to alot like that. thers a coupel of waters ther that luv looking at me. i know thay want to add ther *** to my body but thay seam scaerd to make a move. i know thay can see it on me becaus i allways maik shur of it. all thay nead to do is ask

Oh so very very exciting, you have a very lucky hubby. I'd love so much to be with a woman who was proud to wear my *** in public.

thats good to my husbend luvs to f...k me after sumone hes filed me up with ***!!

a total stranger in a truck stop casino toled me one time that i smeld of sex. and it turnd him on. so i turnd more tward him so he could see the dry c..m on my chest beter he then prpositiond me. after a glance at my husbend (watching me in a mirror from another machien)who gave me a knowing knod of his head, we went to the guys big truck and he added is ***** to my cleavidge

I'd enjoy ******* on you.Will you add me as a friend?

You always make me hot, Tonya, even reading old stuff again! Why can't I come across a woman who smells of sex then shows me dry *** on her ****? It's just not fair! Although I did *** on a guy's girlfriend's **** at a rest stop when he asked me to. But she didn't smell of sex until she was leaving. And yeah, she just pulled up her shirt and left like that wearing it proud. And it was a big load with strings showing on her blouse too. :-)