Diaper Day Diary (on Going Working Document That Will Be Updated Regularly)

his diapey thread is for my diaper days that is days where i wear and use diapers all day and night without pottying.i thought id share it and see waht people say . iv had afew before  but i tended to chicken out and poop in the potty but recently ive felt more brave and have used diapers for their intended purpose all day and night. below is the first such incident , in this diary il lals oput interesting pee  or poop accidnets in my panties up as well sound good? as alwasy comments are apreicated.

Day 1 Thursday 17th June 2010
today I was off work so I made sure I had gone to bed in a diaper to start of my day with my morning diaper pee. That day I had no plans but I ended up meeting fumy friends for tea and hanging out but that comes later. So I got up and peed straight away in my diaper. I then got dressed in a simple shorts and t-shirt but made sure a bit of diaper showed over my pants but not much. I went into Clitheroe first to pick up some books. Then I went to Blackburnand went straight onto Preston. By now I had to pee again. So I did, I felt the beginning of a need to poop so I pushed abet but not much cos idiot want to go till I was near a changing room. In PrestonI bought some more books drank lots of fluids and wet again very heavily without control but my diaper held it all. No one saw or suspected anything which was good.  Later on back in cither I had eaten loads of food so I really needed to poop this time cos I was near Tesco I pushed it out until my bowls were empty. Then without people noticing I went in to the baby change and wet again by now my diaper really needed changing and the poop and pee had finished it off. So I striped it off and gave my self a good long wipe which felt lovely and made my city swell a bit. Once I was all clean I changed straight into a fresh diaper to go and meet my friends.
I got another desperate urge to pee so I dint fight it again. After tea we went to have hot chocolate and one of my friends left us leaving just me and my friend. So we enjoyed our chat and chocolate then I asked her a question and the answer dint surplice me but the fact t she considered my offer made me wet in anticipation and with a sense of hope and excitement and that wetting as the others did felt warm and satisfying.  To finish this day I went home chatted to my sister a bit then filled my diaper with warm wet pee again  spreading all over my crotch and between my legs .as I had been drinking allot this time it felt extra nice so  I had to ********** a bit till lid creamed my diaper which didn’t take long. I finished off with a big wet in my diaper before bed then removed it and chucked it. I was working the next day so I couldn’t stay diapered but insure missed the feel of it. That concludes my first diaper day hope you liked it  .
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this is a great thread! what were u wearing on the 2nd day?

cool thats nice to know it felels awsome

lol thank you sweety

the wamr wetness of pee fillign the thirsty padding, the wamrht that stays and thefeleign of comfort and security and the fact i cna go without stopping what i was doing. whatr about oyu

So what is it that you like about them then? Looking forward to the next part though.

i dont like pooping diapers i said that and its coming soon stay in touch

That was great Littlelovestar. Much better detail well done. I would just reread your stories before posting like I do. You have a few typo's. I'm always just catching the key next to the one I want. If I didn't check trying to read what I've written would come out gibberish!<br />
<br />
I have put my hand on the outside of my nappy when I pee and that feels good. But not tried putting them on the inside. I just might have to give that ago. I also like to at times put my hand on my nappied bottom as I poop. Now that feels great as the poop falls into your hand.<br />
<br />
You should use Vaseline on you butt. I do and it works wonders. Don't get a sore botty at all. If you use toilet paper to put it on with you save your hands getting covered in it. And the best bit, you can stay poopie longer without getting a sore tushy.<br />
<br />
I can't wait til the next part. Maybe you will do two days in a row?

it felt rather nivce definatly i have many other stories

I loved when you put your hands in your diaper to feel the pee.

Day 2 Thursday 24 June 2010<br />
This was my second diaper day it was a very interesting one at that. Some bad some good. But ill tell you everything ….<br />
Firstly as wit the previous diaper day I woke up needing to pee so I just let the warm wetness spread into my crotch and round that felt good as I was really desperate. So I greeted my bro and his friends, they were clueless i was diapered so I hope anyway. I dint do much till about lunch time when I decided yet again to go to Preston from there it gets interesting. I started to feel the need to poop it got more and more urgent quite quickly but then passed, but not before another wash of sweet pee realised into my diaper of its own accord. Though I was not bothered because I was diapered. I bought some stuff in Preston then the urge to poop came really strong so I just let it go. To my surprise the warm sludgy mushy load came out all at once with no control once id started and it was over in seconds. My diaper felt really heavy now and I could feel the poop squishing against the back of the diaper. I got a bit paranoid looked for a place to change. <br />
<br />
The first place I went to there were parents with real babies changing as it was a baby change so I thought I couldn’t go there. Then I next went to the toilets all the stall were all full I those toilets. that meant I had to travel with a mushy load in my diaper all the way to fisher gate centre where I found a stall with some non either side un luckily . But I had to change cos I hate staying in a messy diaper for long as I don’t wear cream. the clean up was long and my hands got covered in poo poo . Mid change I peed again and no the diaper was very full but still holding without a leak. The clean up involved lots of sensuous wiping and lots of toilet paper and wipes. But in the end I sorted it and got re diapered making sure it was secure. Then I got on the train home. Cos I hadn’t eaten or drank much that day I dint need to go again for a while. The next time I did go the urge hit me so strong I barley had the time to react before I was wetting again. But this time I had drunk like two 500 ml bottles of apple tango which irritates the bladder anyway. This time I put my hands inside my diaper and felt the lush pee flow into and around my hands. That felt amazingly good. After that I was honey but couldn’t bring my self to mast abate so I just enjoyed the comfortable pleasant feeling of arousel for a while. It was not till the next heavy wetting that I relived my sexual tension jus be fore bed. I wore the diaper through the night but had to remove it on the morning and it felt just the tiniest bit heavier loll then I had my morning pee anyway. And that’s concludes my second diaper day.

ive put more description in now i hope you liek it napman and anyone else who thought it needed more detail

Yeah nice job. Can I just suggest that more description when you write about doing pee and poop in your nappy would make it a bit better. Apart from that weel done. Keep up the good work. I look forward to the next entry.

erm no and the propeoseal was rejeted and i think you already are in my circle. it will probebly be next week my next full diaper day,

i apreiciate that i asked her if shed go out with me