Diapers At The Laundromat (true Story)

Yesterday was laundry day. so since I'm diapered as much as possible I thought I'd wear in public with sweats and a short shirt that was sure to expose my diaper at least 4 in if I even coughed too hard.so I walk in the crinkle of my diaper easily able to be heard and proceed to wash my clothes bending over every chance I could to expose my diaper to a couple of cute girls.btw I carried 2 diapers in my hand in case i needed a change and placed them on a washing maching in clear view of everyone. I did wet my diaper but not enough for a change.I had a good time.
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4 Responses Jul 28, 2010

I am always sure to wear the crinkly, crackliest diaper & plastic pants I can find.

I don't broadcast the fact that i wear them or use them . most the time if i'm out and wet i willgo to the mens room and carry my diaper out in the open on my way to the mens room i realy don't care who knows

How did the girls react? Did they hang around or keep walking close to you to get a glimpse of your diapers?

how warm was the weather? Guess no sweat visible.