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Diapered At School

Well I already graduated but being in high school was the best 4 years of my life alot of ups and downs alot I won't forget some I just can't forget but the one thing that never changed through all 4 years was that I had to go to the nurse's office daily to change my diaper all 4 years and that's what I had to do some friends knew about it and I respect a person more if they were to tell me the truth and the ones that did know thought my diapers were okay or awesome.
Shortie19 Shortie19 18-21, M 6 Responses Dec 26, 2011

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hi , just wanted to let you know that you are ,and have not been the only one to were diapers to school. i wore diapers to school for the first 6 years of school. with the daily trip to the nurse's office.

Yeah it was pretty awesome

hi mate, i have spina bifida too if you wanna chat sometime add me as a friend please

good for you i always say your not hurting anyone so wear what makes you happy

Nice story!!

Some people with a disability would be distressed about having to wear diapers. It's great that you've made something positive and pleasureable out of this need..<br />
I've been wondering - do you just wet your diapers, or do you wear them for everything ?

Cool to have friends who don't make a fuzz of it.<br />
Of course it's O.K. to wear them if you need them. Or if you just like it for convenience or whatever reason too.<br />
I need them at night and sometimes by day if I make a long trip or so. It took a little while but now I"m used to it. Didn't tell it at school though.