I Wear Diapers In Public All The Time

I wear 24/7 because I have to so I wear out in public when I have to leave the apartment or when I do. It doesn't bother me and I am not humiliated about it. I see nothing humiliating about it unless you are forced to have them show or make it obvious you have one on. I wear mine discreetly and wet only in them out in public. I rarely smell like pee until I take the diaper off. It's so great I don't have to hold it and head for the restrooms. I can just go where I am standing or sitting. I even like to hold it sometimes so the flow be longer so I can enjoy the feeling of wetting them than dribbling. I also love the fact the Wellness Briefs are thin but hold a lot and are easily to hide under your clothes. I can wear them under my normal jeans than having to wear jeans that are too big just to fit them over a diaper. I don't even have to bring any extra diapers with because they hold a lot and I can wear it all day.
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3 Responses May 11, 2012

Do you ever wear cotton diapers and plastic panties?? I find they work best, for bedwetting, at least..

I do wear cloth diapers and plastic pants with it.

Just for fun you should carry a diaper bag and have your Hubby change you in the family restroom. Away from home can be exciting and make you feel just a little naughty. However you can stay diapered and happy.

Good attitude