All Day :)

I am in college and I like wearing diapers to class. I usually have tuesdays off from work so that's when I usually wear them. I have very thick diapers that crinkle and I wore one under a skirt this past tuesday. I always get a bit shy since they crinkle but I enjoy it. My first class was at 9:30am and I arrived a bit early, all nice and thickly diapered. I always drink alot of water and I ended up having to pee in the middle of class and I wanted to see if I could wait until the end of class but when I sneezed I wet a little. Then when I stood up at the end I wet alot more (but since my diaper is thick it wasnt nearly full). After I wet a couple more times I changed into a new dry diaper in one of the bathrooms. Then I went to the mall in my thick dry diaper ;)
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Every Tuesday is a happy day for a diaper wearing girl.

what kind do you use?

Cute to hear that you wear diaper at school and public! :)

I working at school on support team and I want to wear diapers at sometimes all day but I can´t because work friends and students will to notice it. At last friday was quiet workday so I wore diaper entire workday at first time :)

Sometimes I look girl´s butt and thinking how many of these wearing diaper or peeing or pooping in pants. You can´t know how many but it´s possible that a few or more like you ;)

I only got into diapers in my adult years and would love to have known about them in my youth while I was still going to school/colledge/university. That would have been so much fun, sitting in a boring lecture and just ******* myself for fun. I could have mastrbated into tem too and not left a tell tail wet spot on my pants.