Diaper At Motel After School

The company I work for sent me to Houma la for some Safty class. One day after school , I went into my room and put an diaper on . Then went to me 2 co workers for dinner . After dinner we decided to have a few drinks . We had 4 round and killed a fifth of crown . Before I empty my glass I notice I had to pee BAD . When I stood , I started to pee without Reilly trying . We stood there for a few minutes , I empty my bladder and notice that my diaper was fairly full . The front and between my leg and a few inches up the back of the diaper was swollen very good . It was a good filling . Then we sed good night to each other , and went to are rooms . Neither of my coworker notice that I was in an diaper or that I pee in it . Good night it was .
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

And if you didn't have that diaper on, it seems like you might have soaked your pants in front of you coworkers. Diapers are a great way of having "secret" fun....all wet on the inside, and dry on the outside.

So true