Wearing A Girdle

I came across this topic by accident. very interesting. When I was 14 my mother decided it was time I could wear nylons so she bought me a panty girdle and 2 pair of stockings. This was long after pantyhose had come in as I am only 36 now. I started wearing regular stockings with the panty girdle whenever it was proper to wear nylons. Very quickly I found out from my friends that they all wore pantyhose and a few wore panty girdles over them. I asked my mother to get me some pantyhose which she did but informed me I was always to wear panties under them and a panty girdle over them. Since my first girdle was a brief type with garters she bought me two more..a brief one and a semi-long line. I wore the outfit the way she told me to on dates, to school and pretty much all the time I had a dress on. The girdle became a problem on dates if the guy and I were getting into it. For most guys it was a turn off so what I'd do would be to leave with the girdle on over panthose and then take it off and put it in my purse. I got tired of this and bought my first garter belt when I was 17. I started wearing them just about all the time. what started me was one time my boyfriend and I were really getting into it and decided to have sex in the car. By the time I struggled to get my girdle off, then pantyhose and finally panties, the edge was one. The next time I wore a garter belt and bikini panties and that made it easier beside the fact that he went nuts when he saw I was wearing a garter belt.
I still wear pantyhose with some outfits and girdles with some but I also wear garter belts...I have about 20 of them....most of the time.
The last spanking I received from my mother was when I was 19 and had gone out on a date not wearing a girdle which was way against her rules. I got home late and she was waiting. I guess she saw us making out in the car and when I walked in she surprised me and before I knew it she had lifted my skirt to see pantyhose over bikini panties but no girdle. She made me get the strap and then I had to take off the pantyhose, pull down my panties and bend over the chair. I knew the routine because we were regularly spanked. I received 20 with the strap and had to promise I'd always wear a girdle on dates. I did for a bit and then went back to wearing the garter belt. A lot of my friends were surprised to find out I wear a garter belt but also a lot of them decided to try them and most stuck with them.
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Loved the story darling :)

Such a lovely experience :)

Your mother had an interesting routine, unusual....of course most men will get excited with garter belts and stockings because it is so easy to have spontaneous sex...I had such a girlfriend when I was a grad student...she'd come by my office in stockings, high heels and garters in the middle of the day to be intimate. I thoroughly enjoyed it, although this was one who never accepted that I more than enjoyed wearing lingerie myself....perhaps your mom thought that if you were inaccessible you would stay out of trouble. Of course, that never works in reality as you discovered.

As a life long cross dresser I found making out to be a double thrill. First there was the sexual rush of being with a girl, but the other was getting to fondle a real girl through all her neat clothing. I found a girl wearing a girdle to be a challenge, and I always treated the discovery of the girdle as if it was wonderful. The girdled gals seemed to appreciate that, and I think I got a lot of follow up dates because I was not put off by their girdles.

Of course now, I would be the one wearing the girdle.