My Fear Of Getting Caught

Today i am just getting up the nerve to tell someone that i am in love with Ladies Clothes. The joy of wearing them is just fantastic i have got hold of some ones my Mother was giving to Charity.I took some from the bag and tried them on and they fitted me ok not perfect but ok. I was really harry with them so i hid them in my bed room and put them on every night. I have to plan it so i cam get the clothes washed in the machine when Mum is out I am now coming to think about getting another set but how do i go into a woman's shop in order to buy some and if i do how am i going to get them into the house without my Mother catching me.That would be frightening enough but what on earth would my Father say.I would love to have the courage to just put all on me and go downstairs for Tea and let them see but at the moment i am far too afraid of what might happen.Can anyone give me some advice until next time i will say goodbye for now.
Thebibe Thebibe
1 Response Sep 22, 2012

I have found that we CD's can be most resourceful in both securing feminine items and in hiding them from others. On the other hand I think we harbor a desire to be caught so that we won't have to hide anymore. One suggestion is to engage in conversation whenever a CD is portrayed on the tele. Might be a way to gauge how they really feel.