I Love Wearing Girls Clothes

I love to wear girls clothes. I love to wear a bra and panties, girdle and stockings, a full slip, dress, girls shoes, girls watch, and jewerly.

I'll add girls boots in the winter with a girls coat and girls gloves.

It's so much better than wearing drab guy's clothes.  And shopping in girls clothes, I just love it. 
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Hopefully I will be that far along as well. Until then it is just a dream.

Hi Aiyana, It's easy. Start gender neutral and go for a drive or evening walk. It'll build up your confidence. And you'll enjoy it so much.

I do that now. I don't own any pants from the boys section anymore. Most of my shirts come from the girls section as well. I wear high heeled boots out all the time. I would just like to get into the really feminine stuff and be comfortable wearing them out. Especially the little short summer dresses. I just know that it won't fly around here.

You go girl!


Do you go out dressed up? If you do, do people take you for a man or a woman?

I do go out dressed and love when the clerks and sales associates say "thank-you mam."

I think that is very cool. But what do you think is the difference between being a sissy and what you do?

Good question. You ought to pose the question and get a variety of random answers. You can click the ask question and post the question in the box.

I can say that I do go out as my female persona often, and I always go out with the concept that my persona is female. And even if those I come in contact with suddenly realize that I may not be female, they still respect my presentation in being female. I think because my presentation though not perfect, (who is) It's doesn't say "man in a dress" and thus people are more at ease with who I am and when around me. I actually think I have more problems with myself than others do, and I think this is a common thread amongst us. People usually just want honesty, and if your being honest with who you are, and you don't come across as a threat. People for the most part accept your appearance.

Excellent point MJBNH, We do tend to be our worst critic.

I would love to get dressed up as a girl, dolled up, go out, go shopping, walk up & down the mall and see what reaction I get.

Most guys won't even see you. The woman most likely will smile if you're recognized as a cross dresser.

It's just Joanie to my friends ;P Though it is a cute acronym Might Just Be No Hombre LOL

Mirky, Desire is half the work! Gaining experience is all the joy. Start with small steps to build your confidence. Just going out your door was one of the most difficult things for many of us.

Thank-you Joanie

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