I Love Wearing Girls Clothes

I love to wear girls clothes. I love to wear a bra and panties, girdle and stockings, a full slip, dress, girls shoes, girls watch, and jewerly.

I'll add girls boots in the winter with a girls coat and girls gloves.

It's so much bette than wearing drab guy's clothes.  And shopping in girls clothes, I just love it. 
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A bra is so feminie and I love to wear one too I got mine on now.

to be a sissy girl you have to wear makeup like an emo girl, or a girly girl and prance about like a feminine sissy. You should try on girls clothes in stores that is an exciting challenge for us girls. The more you act sissified the more you will be a sissy.

I do try on women's clothes in the stores Bobbylee.

A bra is so feminie and I got mine on now and also I got my red lace panties on.

Yes, I agree bigbaby.

Do you all wear weighted silicone breasts in your bra. Those sure make a difference . Mine are only a c-cup, but they joggle when I walk and feel wonderful. http://www.truekare.com is where I got mine at and they are real life like, weighted and you can by a skin adhesive here, http://www.compressionsale.com/it-stays-body-adhesive-2oz.html. It only keeps them from moving around and is easily removed with water.

Hi misscdlee, Yes I wear weighted silicone breast forms. They fit snug in my bra and don't wear the type that attaches with adhesive. Breast forms are absolutely wonderful. I agree with everything you say.

You should try the adhesive I noted above, It's not a glue, it only holds them in place and they can be removed without water very easy, then you just wash off the area with water. When they are held in place they feel like they are really real

As the adhesive is water soluble would it not break down when you perspire?

Just looking around the site, thot I'd ad this note.
I use a product called "It Stays" you can buy from Amazon.com and other places on line.
It is a sticky liquid that keeps the breast in place allowing you to bend over or run and as they bounce they wont come out of the bra.
Then at the end of the day, I just wash off the stick area.
I also use this on my thigh high tops and they stay up in the cooler months too.

Thanks Bobbylee for sharing.

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I do to. I love to wear a bra most of all.

A bra is so feminie and I love to wear one too.

I wear a sports bra at night. they are more comfortable to sleep in.

Sports bras can be comfortable.

Fabulous sweetie

Thank-you Sammi