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When I first met my gf and told her about my panty wearing, she didn't even bat an eyelid.  We talked about it at length which in itself was a turn on.

Now we often wear each others lingerie.  She prefers more cutie pie prints, whereas I love the really sexy stuff, and there are times when we just need to wear something different.  She sometimes likes to wear one of my teddies, and I'll borrow one of her lacy tops, she might want some of my suspenders, whereas I might want pantyhose.

A great game is to try and swap panties with each other during the day in public........

pantylover5099 pantylover5099 36-40, M 3 Responses Jul 3, 2009

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You are one really lucky Gurl. Remind her that she is one loving and caring lady to allow you to show and live your feminine side.

Very hot. I would be leaking pre come thru out the whole day.. you have a good wife.