Wearing My Wifes Wedding Dress

Yes I do, females are very lucky to be able to wear anything they want to, from the sexiest to plain sweats with no question asked! In the privacy of my own house my wife will diaper me and dress me as a little girl, I like wearing short baby dresses with my diaper and plastic pants hanging down below the dress like baby girls do. This has nothing to do with little kid as I love watching my grandchildren and would protect them with my life. This all started a few years after we got married, we (my wife and I only) where playing ***** poker in are wedding cloths after we were both nude we started to reverse the step with me putting on her wedding gown with all fixings and her dressing in my tux, that was the greatest feeling (and not sexually) a piece of clothing has ever made me feel. My mother had four boys no girls I was the 2nd child and there was 6 years between me and my younger brother and do remember my mother taking me to the big town in the area dressed like the baby girl she always wanted and loved the attention I was getting while my older brother was in school. What do you think the shrinks would say about that?
johndoebg johndoebg
56-60, M
Nov 5, 2012