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Truth Or Dare???

I was fifteen i was at that age where everything was like "oh mother thats so lame" or "hes a dork" anyway for some reason this day at school i got involved with playing a game called truth or dare, at the time i was wearing a very very short micro mini skirt (i cant remember why-- i hated wearing skirts and dresses back then) anyway it got to my turn my friend kathy smiled at me an evil smile (she knew i was lesbian but none of the other girls did) "mellllllliissssssaaaaaaa !!!!! she said is it true you love peter hopkins? every girl shrieked with disgust and laughed peter hopkins was a class a1 nerd he smelt of i dont know what he dressed terrible green socks red shorts and a yellow top and he had an annoying laugh like a donkey sort of. i shuddered no f---ing way i yelled. Hmmmmmm thats not what i heard missy darling she gushed but--- you have a choice, you can kiss peter hopkins or go for the rest of the day with no undies on, she licked her lips and sat there laughing.  I thought about it well iam not kissing fish breath i thought gonna take the dare i said. and so all that afternoon i went around the school wearing no panties iam sure i flashed my self a few times and i know some of the other students got a good look at my bum as i walked up stairs. mells

mells mells 31-35, F 9 Responses Feb 3, 2009

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Great start, what happened after after you lost your panties? When you went into your next class, were you nervous? Did you have to sit very carefully? Did you have to bend or reach for something... any staircases? comments from admires??

Tee hee... love it! I think we have a lot in common!

Hi hon, why did you like going around wearing no undies as well? lol

Ah yes, that's how I met my girl. She wears short skirts often. This day, I was having lunch alone in a NY diner. She was at the counter having lunch. She turnes around and as she did , her legs spread a bit and revealed her shaved ***** and large labia. With a big smile, she came to my table and asked if I wouldn't mind sharing the booth with her. I stood and said, please sit. She slid across the seat and invited me to sit next her. Within 15 minutes, she had pushed three of my fingers into her *****. <br />
<br />
Yes, she always shaves her *****...wel I do theat for her now. Yes, she still wears short skirts (and short shorts and thong bikinis in the summer. <br />
<br />
She has the most lovely labia for sucking on. <br />
<br />
This is a case of being in the perfecr place at the right time!

hot story. did it turn you on that you didn't have panties and there was a good chance guys would catch a glimpse

Oh yeah, i wish i could to the carnival or somewhere and buy that gold ticket which sent me back in time to change all my **** ups in my life.<br />
Things would be so much different now

AHHHH yes wild sex i remember it like it was last night OH WAIT it was last night haaaaaaaa ok ok just in a goofy mood sitting here in poopy panties, my g.f creaming her pants panting like a dog (oh wait that is the dog) better stop here before i get into more ****.

Yea, I'm sure it was embarrassing ... I would be too if I had to bare my bum in school ... especially from the point of view of being a teen. <br />
I've done a fair amount of what if -- second guessing choices made ... I usually try and keep my retrospectives in the realm of "amusements" ... Sometimes I kick myself in the a$$ for having missed an opportunity / missing a signal (like the "green light type) with a young lady ... Without getting long winded on the set up, I had a young lady in college sitting on my lap and I was tickling her a little and not letting her up ... she threatened to pee on me ... I thought that was just a normal idle threat, and maybe it was ... but she was a bit of a strange bird and now I'm not sure she didn't mean it in a pee playful way ... damn, if she had it would have been awesome and I'm sure it would have lead to some wild sex ... oh well ....................

Thanks bud for your comment, have to say i was really embarrased that afternoon, but what choice did i have? ironicly that little creep turned out to be a very succesfull person, he drives a brand new caddy and a very nice house oh well if only----- (mells dreaming of what if---)

Mells: thanks for sharing -- that is a delicious story ... and I'm sure you gave many a guy a smile that day :-)