Short Skirt And No Panties

He had told me I was to wear no panties.

I arrived at the club with my friend Julie and we headed to the bar and climbed on to the stools. As we sat talking the fact that I was not wearing panties slipped from my mind. Julie decided to go to the girls room I stayed to save the stools. When julie returned she stooped down to put her handbag on the floor. She stood up leant towards me and whispered in my ear "you've got no panties on" I know I said and explained that I had been told not to wear any and that I was supposed to flash my ***** to the world. She laughed and said well I am going to have fun helping you with that, Julie and I have been known to have a little girl on girl action every now and then. She stood up and said lets go and sit on the low chairs over there you can't hide much in a skirt like that over there.

When we sat down a couple of guys we know came over and started to talk to us Julie whispered open your legs a little, I did so and one of the guys nearly sprayed us with his drink, he had obiously spotted my bare *****. a little while later they returned with a few other guys who were so obviously trying to get a view, so I wriggled on the seat and let my skirt ride up a little more.

I decided I wanted a drink so stood up and made a great play of walking past rubbing myself against one of the guys I really fancied and giving him a big smile. When I had my drink I returned to the table, the guy I fancied had his arm hanging at his side, so as I passed this time I hitched up my skirt and rubbed my pubic hair across his hand, quickly dropped my skirt returned to my seat sat with my legs slightly apart and gave him a come and get me look. Julie said you dirty **** I saw what you did and we both laughed.

After a while Julie and I went to the dance floor asking the guys to save our seats, while we were dancing Julie said that the guys name was Dave, as we danced I noticed him standing by the dance floor watching as I danced I "accidently"  caught my skirt every now and then so that it showed my bare pubic hair. Then a slow tune started to play I beckoned Dave to dance he looked a bit shy but walked to me, we danced and he kissed me a little, after a couple of dances, he asked if he could drive me home, I checked that Julie was OK with this she said yes, so off we went. Once in his car I made sure my skirt was showing every thing of we went, I watched his eyes keep straying to look, so I said keep your eyes on the road it will still be there when we get there.

When we pulled up outside my house he pulled me to him kissed me and his fingeres were in my now wet ***** in no time. We broke the embrace and I said I had to go, after all a girl can't give it all away at once, he had seen it and felt it, he would have to wait to **** it, tomorrow hopefully.

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I so identify with this!

So ... did his dreams come true the next day?

you are every mans dream wife


Such a horny girl, you are every man's dream!