Wearing Panties

i 47 married m/f crossdresser that lives as a female now and have for the past 15 years now .Yes my wife know im a crossdresser and it was her idea for me to come out and be a female full time our kids and family and freinds and excepetd me i stated wear panties and bras as a child of 8years old my mother use to make me wear hers and my sisters as punishment but they did not know i liked it so much i stayed in trouble when i turned my mother relised i like to wear the satin and silk under wear she sat me dowm and we talked about it she told me i could keep wearing bras and panties but i should have my own not hers and my sisters os we went shoping and bought me my very own lingerie when i was a child i was teased at first but my freinds grew to know that when they were at my house i would be only in my lingerie a long with my mother and sister we never wore clothes over our sexy intments at hme di not matter who stoped by
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Lucky you!