Rubber Pleasure

I first wore rubber pants 20 years ago,the experience was very erotic and pleasureable and the outcome the same as rubberpantybob,wet and sticky.Since then I have expanded my wardrobe to achieve total enclosure in rubber,even more erotic and pleasureable.

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3 Responses Feb 6, 2009

They used to be in the Small Ads of British newspapers. I loved a tight shiny black pair, which my wife once wore to please me, tho' she never repeated the experience.
I loved sharing a large pair of black latex bloomers with a mature lady. What fun we had when we emptied a tube of KY lubricating gel into them at the same time !

Black latex bloomers, a mature lady and lubricating gel, now that sounds like something I would enjoy. The perfect combination, I envy you, I hope you had lots of rubber fun with the lady.

How different is a pair of rubber pants than plastics. My experience is only with plastic, are they more elastic? From my toddler days, all I recall is the smell of the rubber sheet on my bed, but don't really remember wearing rubber pants, although I must have, since that was before plastic pants...

Rubber is softer and more comfortable to wear than plastic,also more stretchy and elastic and makes a lovely rustling sound when its loose fitting and you move about.

i grew up always being diapered 24/7, and wearing rubber panties until i was around 13 or 14. mainly because that was before plastic panties were available big enough to fit me. so, i know all about all the pleasures of what rubber panties could give, especially after puberty made it's explosive "wet and sticky" debut all over my mom's hand and arm, while she was changing my diapers. <br />
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thanks for the memories!<br />
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