What Is A Websphere Mq How It Is Used In It Industry

You may have heard the term message queue when you were learning about the internet or web. But what accurately is it and how is it used? Basically, a task queue is an asynchronous communication protocol. Simply put, this means that when a message is sent, the sender and the receiver of the specific message don't need to work with the queue at the same time. A message is basically placed within the queue and they are stored here until the receiver of the message retrieves it. There are normally limits on the size of the data that can be sent through each message. These limits are either explicit or implicit.

WebSphere MQ (WMQ) has become the de facto standard in the IT industry for asynchronous application integration. As construction has moved from CICS and mainframe to SOA, Websphere MQ has adapted. It is widely predictable as a flexible cost effective, multi-purpose messaging integration platform for not only financial businesses but for any organization that has a distinct IT system.

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Jan 8, 2013