I Went Into Ricki's Intending To Come Out Dressed As A Woman

When I went into Ricki's looked a bit at the womans clothes  then I noticed my sister working there.    I then chickened out and walked out!  I probably should have stayed and explained to her that I feel I'm in the wrong gender.
I wonder if she knows.  I think I made a mistake chickening out!
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2 Responses Jan 11, 2013

If you feel safe telling your sister, then you should go for it. :) When you're ready.

you don't have to be dramatic about it..how about just a simple conversation, explaining where you are mentally, and sharing honestly what is going on with you.

I wonder how she would take it! I fear she might do like my Mom and take me to the Psych hospital

well, your an adult,,but a lot depends how you come across..if you do that with confidence,with an air that you know you, and what you want, then you will at least come across as stable..You will not be raising red flags with your behavior.

If you enter, and are yelling and screaming, then, yes they will be calling for the guys in the white coats.

I would simply say:
you know, there is something i really want to share with you..it is important to me, and your important to me, and i want you to know this information.,..I have no idea how you will feel about this..But i hope that you have an open enough mind to be able to accept this information. I realize what i want to say may come as a shock to you , but please can I talk to you about this? if the person says yes..then share ..explain .....