The Bride Of Dracula

Being the Sahmain sabbat is coming next week, (that's Halloween for those who do not follow the path of the Ancient Ones,) I thought I'd relate a little story regarding a wedding gown and a Halloween party I went to some years ago.

Being a life long crossdressers and having been given a wedding gown owned by an ex-girlfriend, I thought it would be fun to wear it for a party. The venue was at a gay resort in East Stoudsburg, PA and girls like us are always welcome there. Since I was a "regular" customer, there was no fear of trouble.

The whole costume was to be centered around the wedding gown and my dilema was how to make it entertaining? How would I make it stand out? I mean REALLY stand out! What better place to get costuming ideas than at a professional theatrical store?

I like to spend time thinking and planning for such a night out and spent a lot of time on several visits to different theatrical stores. I decided upon being the Bride of Dracula! LOL

My costume started with all the proper "underpinnings" a bride would normally wear and the dress. But, that's where the similarities ended. My makeup would be the key. It was a ghoul makeup kit I found that had a very sickly, yellowish tint. The eye shadow was a really disgusting green and black. Blood red lipstick almost finished the look. I bought a long, straight, "Morticia Adams" wig and streaked it with silver dye.

My cousin is a dentist and I told him I was doing the Dracula thing and asked if he could fashion fangs for me. He was delighted to help out and a week before the party I had fangs that attached to my eye teeth in a way that they could easily be removed. This completed the makeup part.

I bought a realistic prosthesis that very convincingly looked like vampire bite marks. I attached this with latex glue to my neck and used a little fake blood that sort of oozed out of the holes and dripped down my neck.

I spent several days creating the perfect faux fingernails on a jig I fabricated, (and have the patent on, too,) so that I could complete the whole look I was after. The full-coverage nails I used were very long and I polished them black. My Nail Jig held the securely enough to allow me to drill tiny holes in each one. Fine string was threaded like webbing through the holes and left dangling from my pinky. The thread ends were then glued to plastic spiders.

I went to the party where I had a fabulous time! I didn't win any prizes, but I had a great time anyway. I was even given the most wonderful compliment I ever had while dressed up. I was told that "I looked HIDEOUS!!"

LOL Happy Halloween everyone, or Happy Sahmain, if that's your thing!

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Hi gayle its a little late but happy halloween
Wonderful story an experience im sure you will treasure forever
Halloween is my favorite holiday( although there is room in my heart for the others) its the one day a year thats its socially acceptable to dress en- femme

Socially acceptable is a term i rather not use im dead set against people judging other people for any reason but thats a conversation for a diff day:)
Enjoy life