Wedgie And Swirly From Babysitter

My hot babysitter had just came to my house. My name is Mike and her name is Jessy. Hey mike i have a question. My feet hurt a lot can you massage them. I got hard and said yes. After i massaged her feet she said i could ask her to do one thing. Hey Jessy what i want you to do for me is give me wedgies. She said fine if you insist. Mike get me a paddle. Mike lay on your stomach now. Jessy took my under ware and gave me a wedgie over my head. I yelped a little and she laughed. Nice tighty wighties she said. I got a little embarrassed. She then took the paddle and started to spank me. When she was done she said were just getting started. She then gave me a atomic wedgie and made me her foot rest. I was in so much pain but it was worth it. She than took me outside. She found the perfect tree branch and gave me a hanging wedgie. Hey Mike what do you want next. I then asked for a swirly and wedgie at the same time. With her red nails she grabbed my under ware and put my under ware on top of the door. I hope you enjoy this mike. She than gave me a swirly at the same time. After 5 minutes she stopped. I was in so much pain but i was having the time of my life. She said now its my turn. She took a list and told me to do all of these chores in a atomic wedgie. Finally i finished. Since i was really smart and Jessy was only 3 years older than me she told me to do her hw in a atomic as her foot rest. She said if you enjoy wedgies so much i'll give them to you at school and at your house. But you have to massage my feet and do my hw. I agreed to do that because of how hot she was. Then she said will have a lot of fun. She gave me a hanging wedgie on the basketball hoop outside and left. I was ready for more.
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Feb 16, 2012