Bondage Wedgie Rape

One day when I was about 18,I was walking around for exercise I went into some woods that were nearby my house.While I was walking I heard some leaves crunching and some sticks snapping in half.As soon as heard that,I turned around and saw two large men towering over me.Then,I screamed and started running like there was no tomorrow.I heard one of the men say,''We are gonna catch you doll.''When I was running I tripped over a twig and fell on the ground.Both men grabbed me and brought me over to a tree.They then said,''You are so beautiful.''I looked at both of their faces.One was a tall,tan man with blue eyes and blonde hair.The other was also tall,but he had brown hair and brown eyes.I said,''What do you want?''The blonde one said,''Your body.''I shrieked in fear.They took of all of my clothes except my panties and bra.Then they tied my hands and feet together with rope,and gagged me with a bandanna.As one started to kiss me I spat in his face,he quickly backed away and started yelling at me.Then the other guy said,''I have an idea.''He walked over to some extra rope and grabbed it.He then walked over to me,tied the rope to my panties,and threw the rope over a branch.They both heaved me up and tied the rope to another tree.They both laughed while I begged them to let me go.About an hour passed before they let me go.They finally let me down,but the torture wasn't over yet.I saw that one of the men had an erection below his pants.Both men ******** completely naked.One man walked behind me as I felt a wave of fear run through my whole body.He took off my panties and stuck his erect penis into my anus.He went back and forth quickly as my screams were muffled in the bandanna.The other man walked in front of me and stuck his ***** into my p**** ,while the other one was still going.After about thirty minutes,they stopped.Both men said their goodbyes to me.But,before they left they put me back into the hanging wedgie and walked away.It was about two hours before my panties ripped.I ran home and sobbed over what had happened to me.I finally fell asleep and never forgot that moment in my life.
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hot story please add x


I'm so sorry

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