My First Fake Wedgie Story

Now before we get started, everything about this profile is fake. Just gonna clear that up.

Jaquelynn (Jackie for short) was around 14 when this happend. Her science teacher was permitted to conduct an experiment involving her whole first period class, including Jackie. The experiment was to allow the students to have a lock in un-supervised to see how they would behave.

So on the night of the experiment Jackie was packing her things and going over her check list.
"Extra pants? check. Extra tops? check. Extra panties? check." And so Jackie told her mom she was ready to go back to school. She was a little nervous, mainly because her school was pretty big.

She arrived exactly on time at 8 o'clock. Her friends had already arrived and where in the teachers lounge eating the popcorn they had found. "hey guys did you save any for me?" She asked. "Of course we did. what did you think, we were gonna veg out without you?" They had nothing but fun until about 9 when Jackie had to use the bathroom. "Be right back. k guys?" No one cared. the bathroom was like 30 seconds away. What could possibly happen?
5 minutes later.

She was washing her hands when one of her classmates came in, what was her name?Hmmm. Courtney! That was it. "Hey Jackie, whats up?" Jackie replied, "Nothing much, what about you?" Courtney reached down Jackie's new designer jeans and grabbed her blue lace panties, "WRONG ANSWER! Now im gonna ask you again, whats up?" Jackie quivered "M-my underwear?" Courtney laughed, "Finally! Now Jackie, you know what a wedgie is right?" Jackie gulped. "Yeah.." Courtney laughed again, "Good, cause your night's gonna be full of them!" Jackie moaned. Courtney then began to bounce her up and down for about 3 minutes. "My arm is getting tired Jackie, what am i gonna do with you?" Courtney looked in the mirror and saw the front leg holes of Jackie's underwear were showing. Courtney smiled her evil smile.

Not ten seconds later Jackie was moaning on one of the hooks in the stall she had just come out of, hanging by the front of her panties. "Courtney, please, please please let me down! I'll do anything!" Courtney Just laughed and started to leave. But before she left she said to Jackie, "Don't go anywhere Jaquelynn, I'm going to the computer lab to find more idea's for you and me to play with!" Jackie moaned "No!!! Courtney don't leave me!" But it was to late, she was gone. Jackie yelled for 5 minutes for her friends, for anyone to come and save her, but no one did.

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