Jaquelynn's Torture (part 2)

Jaquelynn groaned. She had been hanging by the front of her panties for 15 minutes, and they hadn't even popped. Her arms had been belted to her side, so struggling was useless. She almost wished Courtney would come back to let her down, but the other half knew what would happen when she came back. And unfortunately, she did come back, right around 20 minutes after she had left Jackie hanging. "Guess what I found out how to do to you? A doggy style wedgie!" And so as quick as a flash Jaquelynn was on the ground on her chest with her butt in the air. "This wedgie goes like this!" and Jackie's panties went right up her back, and after some serious pulling, over her head!

Courtney stood back and admired her work. "How does it feel Jackie?". All Jackie could muster was a groan. "Now i'm gonna go finish the finale, don't go anywhere O.K.?" Jackie though "like i have a choice" but decided not to say anything.Courtney left to go work on the mysterious finale, leaving Jaquelynn lying there on the floor in her atomic wedgie.

About 30 minutes later Courtney came back with an evil grin on her face. "Up we go" she said as she lifted Jackie (wedgie and all) and carried her to the weight room. There, Jackie saw the horrid finale. Courtney had laid down a bench with a metal bar with a pulley on top of it, and through the pulley was thick rope. On the end that wasn't supposed to hold Jackie's underwear was a clear, plastic water jug, empty. Courtney undid Jackie's wedgie and tied her arms and legs to the legs of the bench. After that was done she tied the free end of the rope to the leg holes of Jackie's underwear. Once the rope was tied and Jackie was secured to the bench Courtney put a water hose into the water jug, and turned it onto a drip. And she laughed and whispered into Jackie's ear "This is gonna go so far up your butt that your gonna lose your virginity". And she left.

An hour later Courtney walked back into the weight room to check on her torture toy. Jackie's panties (still by some cruel miracle) had not ripped. But they were well over her head, by about 2 feet. The water jug, almost full, was almost touching the ground, which pulled the rope, ultimately pulling Jackie's underwear with her. Jackie turned her head towards Courtney. She gave a long moan once she saw the paddle in her hand.

Courtney, hearing the moan, smiled and walked over to Jackie. "Haven't lost your virginity yet Jaquelynn? Well i can help with that." And she slowly, and agonizingly, lowered Jackie's pants till they were below her knee. She then bent her arm back and began to mercilessly spank Jackie, bouncing the rope and the water jug which only further shot the underwear up Jaquelynn's butt. Courtney laughed the entire time, her evil, maniacal laughter.

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