Speaking Of Which...

The weather is going to be perfect for a spot of herbicide spraying after lunch!

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6 Responses Aug 12, 2010

lol Jo...the salt solution would probably just encourage a whole new group of weeds to grow..and besides it wouldn't be any good for the crop!<br />
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Funny, I guess in the UK you wouldn't have a problem with saline soil. You get such a lot of rain!

Ha learning from someone and he thought he was the witty one.....<br />
No i am not witty just entertainingly annoying lol>) .<br />
Can't u use salt solution on ur weeds mmm...just spray n go!

Why our crop is full of weird rectangular weed patches...

lol...nope...I turn the herbicide off when I go over small trees and bushes that have come up on their own in the middle of the crop...it just feel to much like murder to kill them...I don't even care if xRocks yells at me...I'm not killing an innocent native bush!!!

LOL...does too...<br />
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I wonder if I could make a pattern like the one in the group avatar in our crop! Ooooo...that would be so cool...perhaps I'll volunteer to get out onto the tractor!

It does!! But it reminded me that I had to weed my garden, otherwise I'll come back to a jungle of weeks...All done now...<br />
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oh...I suppose I should weed my circle soon too!