Low Weekly Dose Of Abilfy Add To That Provigil And Xanax Is The Bomb For Bipolar Ii

I'm mild Bipolar II. with Panic Attacks and Racing Thoughts in Mornings
I take
7-10 Mg Abilify 1 a week
200-400mg Provigil Mornings
1mg Xanax Nightime

Been on this for at least a year maybe two and am doing great. No Panic attacks, or racing thoughts, not depressed
not manic just pretty much normal.

In a nutshell
once I was on Abilify I stopped taking all other Anti Depressants with no ill effect. This is an off label use of Abilify as it's almost
always prescribed in conjunction with other anti-depressants. For me not necessary.

Initially I was prescribed 5 or 10mg a day and was absolutely wiped out. I experimented on my
own and found that I only needed to take a 7-10 mg dose of Abilify 1 a week. I take it on Saturday night
and on Sunday I'm a little tired.The other 6 days I'm 100% normal. Abilify works like a regulator on me I don't get depressed I don't get
manic but I still enjoy life and get a normal excitement out of good times. In other words I get highs and lows just not too high and not too low.!

Aripiprazole displays linear kinetics and has an elimination half-life of approximately 75 hours
In my experience this basically means that it stays in my system for around 1 week.

One of the most important highlites of my experience with Abilify is that I initially was prescribed much higher dose than needed by my Psychiatrist and that with some experimentation I found that with just a very small weekly dose Abilfy has had great efficacy, also my combination of drugs has worked great for me. I don't think that my combo is orthodox but it works.

If anyone else is on a similiar regimen it would be great to hear from you.

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Thanks for your post. I have just been diagnosed with Bipolar II after years of having only a major depression diagnosis. I am on Wellbutrin but soon will be prescribed a mood stabilizer. Do you have any experience with mental health nurse practitioners? My psychologist and a mental health np diagnosed me. Just curious. You sound good, keep it up