Secret Fattening

I was seeing this girl for 6 months then we moved in together. A couple months later i noticed my belly had got a little fat but didnt think of much of it, i was quite a average sporty man.
A couple weeks later i noticed i was starting to gain weight, i couldnt think how. I told my girlfriend and she admitted that she was giving me larger portions.
She told me about how she like fat men and wants me to gain(she was a very slim girl around 95lbs) I agreed to this and everyday she gives me high calorie shakes and feeds me so much, she loves watching my belly grow and i love how fat im getting!
I was 133lbs now a year on im 175lbs. I have to target for 400lbs
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22-25, M
3 Responses Jul 25, 2013

Nice story.
I like to read real life stories where someone started to be gainer and like to becoming fat by his lover or partner who persuaded him to become fat and is feeding him.

Yeah i did but dont have no one too feed me now

I hope you work to keep yourself stuffed. That should help attract a feeder for you. --HXTP

It should!

That's amazing! I bet you love it!