Weird Feelings

Last night after being told by my husband that my mother in law (MIL) was taking our son to SC this weekend instead of staying at her house like I thought, I got a really weird/bad feeling that he shouldn't go. I had also had a dream that morning that was deeply disturbing to me and it didn't help the feeling at all.

I decided to keep him home, giving up a weekend of being child feel like I should at 24 and do some things I don't normally get to watch TV shows that I want to, or just nap at will!

I really never feel very good about him going with his grandma out of state without either my husband or I along for the ride...I have no issues with her watching him over night or for more then a day if she is at home. I guess it comes from seeing her drive, at least in part, and just not liking that I can't just rush to him should something happen.

He has gone with her before, with protests by me, but this time it seemed so important that I listen to my was just to strong. So much in fact that I was in tears thinking that he was going. I know that is kind of stupid, but my husband wanted him to go, My MIL wanted him to go and it was all so last minute. I had to tell her that I didn't want him going and explain some of the reason why. I felt so stupid telling her that I wasn't allowing him to go just because of a uneasy feeling! She must think that I have lost it!

I hope that she understands it. I hope that someone out there understands it.

Anyway he probably had more fun here today then he would have if he had gone. My sister and her kids came over for most of the day giving my son a chance to play with some people closer to his age....something that he would NOT have gotten if he had gone. So as far as that, I am confident that I made the right choice...even though it ment giving up my free time and making an *** of myself!

dreamin2183 dreamin2183
22-25, F
Jul 8, 2007