Healing Is A Slow Process

Sometime ago I wrote a story about my experience being involved with a male... I can't call him a man, a "man" doesn't do what he did. Anyway, I digress lol This individual truly hurt me in a way I've never experienced. The lies & severity of his deceit were beyond words. But, the current issue is me moving past that. I hate what he did & know he's obviously a sick sad person. Maybe one day he'll get help but who knows & that's not my problem because I believe without a DOUBT, karma will deliver such justice that, that too will also be beyond words.
I at this point have been left to mend myself. Now, I'm strong, don't get me wrong but that again is not the issue. My issue is the loss of trust & faith I now have I men. Sadly, I have become a cynic & not because I want to be one. But, as the old saying goes "once bitten twice shy". It's a healing process, I know this but it still is not the place I'd like to be. This entire ordeal will just take time and I'm giving it that. I have no other choice.
To be continued...
Idkwhy2 Idkwhy2
Oct 22, 2011