A Big Hello, And Welcome To Ep.

First, let me welcome you to Ep. I've only been here a few months, but it's amazing on here. I can't leave it alone. The friends you make on here, are all so good for you mind, body, and soul. 

I've been in tears of joy tears of happiness, and tears of sadness 8(

But, bit by bit,I've discovered a wonderful collection of friends, all of whome, are so kind to me. 

If I'm happy- we share a chuckle together - but if I'm low, within moments of m changing my status- messages start arriving In my whiteboard, and inbox. 

I arrived here, looking for ...err..the adult stories on Ep  - hmm - the truth always sounds odd, when I write it that way- but over the last couple of months, I discovered the loving, caring side of Ep. 

It's more now, a daily diary of my life - somewhere I can express my feelings, express my life to people who have similar issues,similar problems in their life. 

Most of my "real friends" use Facebook, but it's too open; you know all the people on fb - you probably wouldnt have posted your confessions, or your stories, on fb, would you??

So... Every morning, noon, and night, whilst all my friends/ work collegues are scribbling on fb, I'm here, writing things like this. 

And nobody knows!!!!

I havent told a single friend- ok- one maybe, but I don't think she even remembers the name of the site. 

It's an amazing site. Please have fun, join some amazing groups, make some new amazing friends, and above all ---- enjoy the ride- its awesome. 

Hope to catch you around sometime- for a one-to-one chat- 

Would be my pleasure !!

With love, peace, and hugs. 

From mark2you xx

Ps. - sorry if I went on a bit there-only ment to say hi- welcome to the experience project, but just got carried away !! Lol

expressomarkie expressomarkie
Jan 17, 2013