My Son Is Getting Outa Control Sometimes.

i have a son that is 15 years old. today i got a call from his school around 1 saying "your son connor got caught skipping school today. he will be suspended for 2 days .. ect .." so at 230 (the time he always gets home) he walks in. i say "how was your day?" and he says "fine! mom, if i tell you something can you promise not to punish me?" and i said "if its something i have to promise it must be something bad.." and he said "please?" so i said "alright, i promise." anyway, he tells me "i ditched school today.." and i said "i know. your school called me." and he said with a confused look "so you knew i skipped..?" and i said "yup." and he said "well what they didn't tell you is .." and he stopped and like looked down and i said "what did they not tell me?" and he said "i got caught skipping school..and i got caught smoking." and i said "smoking WHAT exactly?" and he said "we-..weed." so i said "i can't believe you skipped to SMOKE skipping is bad enough! when your father gets home he's gonna fre-" and he said "you promised i wouldn't get punished!" and i said "you're right, i did promise and i wont." and he said "are you going to tell him about the smoking..?" and i said "no. not this time. if you do again i will though. i promise you that. " and he said "thanks,mom" and then he started to walk to his room. but he said to me again "are you mad at me..?" and i said "no i'm not MAD i'm just disapointed and suprised." and he just went to his room. his father got home around 5:30 and of course said to me "what are we gonna do?" and i told him how i promised and stuff and of course he wasnt too happy about letting him go free, but he did give my son a pretty good lecture which is probably worse than any punishment. (my husbands a pretty big intimidating guy compared to my son.) i heard my son say "sorry" like 10 times! well, i just hope he doesn't do this anymore. thanks for reading!
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haha boy does that remind me of myself 5 years ago....actually it still reminds me of myself lol .. smokin bud rulez

I would suggest making him commit to a scheduled and random drug test since he unfortunately pushed you into a trap and should he fail any at any time for anything, his father will be introduced to the conversation, and if he has a pending permit or drivers license, that too will be delayed for a suitable enough to at least attempt to enforce a no-drug policy. At least as much as you can. 15 year old boys, man! That is hell! Lol! It's okay, and you are far from alone. Getting on here was a good start however there are also a lot of support groups for parents with adolescents and even more specific below that. Maybe also allow him to right a list of commitments he chooses and feels are attainable and make him hold to a select few of your choice for however long he or you chooses. It is going to be okay. Don't allow him to run the show and this is where you let him know no matter what, when he crosses the line in certain things, his father will be informed and just as much a part of it regardless and you won't be put in that position again, regardless. Just some thoughts. You got this. Remember- YOU ARE THE PARENT, TEENAGERS ARE HELL ON WHEELS SOMETIMES BUT COMMUNICATE, SET BOUNDARIES, RULES(REASONABLE), AND MOST IMPORTANTLY MAKE AND STICK WITH THE CONSEQUENCE. Love and Luck Girl!!!

Sorry is a word that has no meaning. It doesn't do anything. If someone dies "Sorry for your loss". Sorry is a word that people use which really has no meaning. Punishing him won't make him stop, it shall just make him rebel more.

Since he is acting out put him in diapers. Treat him like a baby.