I Have a Few Days Left...

...but not many, before my boss returns from vacation.  I better snap out of this and do it quickly.  However, I have noticed I share similar symptoms the rest of you "EP users" demonstrate.  When does the newness wear off.  I do, I really do/did have a life. 

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3 Responses Jul 16, 2008

M, <br />
Thanks for the encouragement. The creativity is extremely abundant here. I have met many nice, friendly people and read hundreds of wonderful stories in the short time I have been here. Additionally, I continue to learn more about myself as I explore and share.

Once you are hooked - you have had it! Weaning yourself off does not really work, so far I have found no antidote to EPitis, I guess we are doomed! However, cheer up you are in very good company.

It takes a long time but then it kicks in again so be ready for the ride of your life... ha ha ha :)