Hi, my name is Tim and I am an EPaholic.  I would like to tell you my story.  Is that the way EPaholic meetings start?  Sounds familiar to me.  Are there twelve steps? 

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Puck you are so funny :) Usually no matter where i find you on here you make me laugh. <br />
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I would have to say there is always coffee. Cookies if we're lucky right? <br />
<br />
Oh please do write a story about it Qaz. I love reading other's stories.. fun fun fun !!!! <br />
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It is seeping into my everyday life too!!! I also think about things that would make a good story!!! LOL and here i thought that was only me.. but no! it is you too! Thank you. From one EPaholic to another! :)

EP phone home! oh hell. I am lost again

Hi Tim, Scooby, NT, Swan, Myonis, MzDivine: Welcome to EPaholics. I'm Qaz and I am also an EPaholic. You've all taken the first step by acknowledging you have no power over EP.<br />
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I forced myself NOT to log on ALL DAY yesterday but I thought about EP every few minutes. Who may have left me a PM or a comment. How something that just occurred could be typed into an experience, and what image should represent it's group.<br />
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It's bad. Real bad. I've only been using EP since November. But I know I can't stop on my own. Maybe I can write a story about it.

I'm mzdivine....and i'm an E.Paholic!<br />
<br />
<br />
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CUP of tea?

I want a cup like Moo has.

Hi. I'm Myonis108 and I'm an EPaholic. I keep coming back because it works when I work it. Where do I get my coin? Oh, thank you. I take cream in my coffee.

Good posts one and all. We are all EPaholics. Does that mean they will put us in the mental ward?

I must do this. Hi I am swan an I am an Epaholic. Can we have pie for refreshments? I'll bake some.

In that case...Hi, I'm Scooby and I'm an EPaholic.

Coffee - most of the time<br />
Cookies - sometimes<br />
Lots of BS - every time.

Is there cookies and coffee afterwards?

God grant me the sanity to write about what I cannot change, the insanity to comment that I think I can, and the wisdom to know when to not comment.