Workaholics, do you think they truly love to work or are they escaping something or someone at home?

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I agree.

I enjoy work but to much of a good thing is bad for you , life is to short to be working all the time after all you cant take it with you .....

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Afriend, I think in many cases you are right.

I have no idea. I've never been a workaholic, personally :)

Thanks for your comments.

LOL I know that feeling and I know I want to only work when my guy isn't available lol.

Aah, it is, indeed, something to ponder. The trooper is a self-admitted workaholic and like LAW48 said, he truly loves his work. However, I've noticed since I live here he doesn't volunteer for every shift opening like he did when living alone. He does, on the other hand, keep busy working around the house even on his days off. Of course, I think up a few "jobs" for him to do that keep him quite busy and satisfy that need in him to work!! LOL

I always thought I loved the job but then i discovered it was just that I didn't like what was waiting for me at home.