Ladies Room

There is one ladies room shared by all offices in my two story building.

This morning, when I went in, there on the shelf by the paper towels, someone had left a $1 bill.  Written on it was...

"May your life be blessed with Health, Wealth and Love"

Of course, I left it there.  After all, someone may need that dollar much more than I do, and I felt as if I had been given something worth much more than a buck anyway.  I had been given a blessing.

My only regret is that I didn't have a dollar in my purse to add to it.

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I am afraid that I would have to write a hot check to add to it.

Incredible story!

beautiful story.

Thanks ProfMan. It was inspiring for me, for sure.

What a nice story!

I know the concept, Rathie, but I didn't know it was a film? Paying it forward is sort of the same thing as Karma... You get back what you put out. Now it may not be from the same person, but Karma evens things out all by itself, I believe. Hugs.

I saw a film once...I think it was called 'Pay it forward'. Now, ehen I do something, big or small for another person, instead of receiving payment, I say 'Pay it forward'. Yje person then does a favour for someone elase of equal value or that whicjh is in their means...................I trust the people to keep it going. For instance if one neighbour does another a favopur instead of the beneficiaru oweing the benefactor the beneficiary owes it to someone else and therefore the facour remains open insyead of being closed and limited to hust two people

Thanks Nicole. It is amazing what a dollar can still buy isn't it?

The world could use more gestrures/acts like this. : ) This made me smile more than when I saw improv everywhere's Starwars on the subway video.

Thank you weneedeachother! I look forward to getting to know you better Hon. Hugs.

There is nothing written on these walls,and I don't think there are any crabs either, sixtynineohhh, but the two bucks is still there :)<br />
<br />
Thanks Breezeann, It brightens mine too. Hugs.

Ok Shortie. You have lost me girl. A moped? I drive an Explorer? It is bigger than I would like, with gas prices what they are, but in no way would it ever be mistaken for a moped?<br />
<br />
Oh gosh Bassy, you even know how to spell it! I am also loving a black tea blend called Snowflake. So, I'm not entirely caffiene free, and of course there is still my coffee, but decaf these days. ;)

I drink Rooiboos too. I will never give up my caffiene though!<br />
Never I say !!!! Muwahahahahha !!!!<br />
<br />

I have been trying to seriously cut down the caffiene and have been drinking a Roobilah (I know I prob butchered that) tea called Lemon Cream. It is a loose tea that I brew at home and I add a touch of honey. This stuff is soooo good! AND it's naturally caffiene free. Yay for me :)<br />
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Just as long as they are happy tears Snowy, we're all good.<br />
<br />
BTW, those 2 dollars are still in the ladies room. They have become kind of a permanent fixture. lol

Ok you guys are gonna make me cry :)... I love this post !!

I change it up. Usually orange pekoe in the morning but i'm partial to chai lattes and I also like green tea.

You are such a Sweetie, Bass! But I already knew that :)<br />
<br />
What kind of tea are you drinking these days, btw?

If there is an elderly person in line behind me when I get my morning tea I sometimes give the cashier money for what they will order then just slip away :)

I would have done the same thing, Superbiblestar. Hugs.

That's wonderful BrokeHeart! FG left some around over the weekend. It would be wonderful to see these all over the place, don't you think?

I like this Spirit and I plan on passing it on with the same message -- you never know the lives you touch -all you guys are Fun ~

Thanks Mejoe! It is interesting, because this morning there were still $2 there on the shelf of the ladies room, but neither one of them is the original one with the blessing written on it.

I guess, Eyeno. It's funny, because I find a lot of people in my building to be a bit stuffy, unfriendly almost, but I always smile and say "hi" anyway. :)<br />
<br />
I would be surprised if that money with your name ever made it back into your pocket, Kongfu. There is so much of it floating around out there, circulating... I think it would be neat, though, if you got yours back one day.

How amazing! I envy you very much. I have remembered that ten years ago, one of my friend wrote my name on a paper money, and we all hoped for that the money would back to us one day. But ten years have past, I have still not seen the money. I hope that one day I can come across the same like you!

Thanks Eyeno. BTW, one of the girls I work with called me to tell me that the $2 are still there! Isn't that amazing?

Well, now it is two, Rog. At least it was when I left yesterday. I not working in that building today, and I would be surprised if it was still there on Monday.

Thank you Friendof420! Maybe it will catch on and you can scope out the ladies rooms all over the world for positive message money! lol Or better yet, give me YOUR address and I will send you two bucks :)<br />
<br />
We love your unzippered self, Sooner! You are just well prepared. For anything that might PoP up. ;)<br />
<br />
The good karma fairy on a moped FG? You hitting the Benedryl again? LOL<br />
<br />
Thanks Artsy, I thought so too...

LOL it is all in good fun my friend. We would never make fun of your zipper if it was not in fun.<br />
<br />
Bluebie, I agree.

Sooner! You never fail to crack me up! Yeah FG, we want a picture of the good karma fairy! I bet she has pretty blue, glittery wings... :) <br />
<br />
I am always so good with my friends and family, bringing them thoughtful little gifts and things... But for someone to leave that dollar there, without knowing who would pick it up, was a huge message for me. Random acts of kindness, even without knowing who the recepient will be, must be one of the greatest gifts to YOURSELF that you could ever give.

Like it

I hear she rides a moped lol Sooner. The recession is tearing her up too lol.

I agree ES, that there was a much greater gift there than that $1 bill. The fact that I immediatley felt, upon reading it's message, uplifted and smiled upon was priceless. I also agree that it is all about love and compassion towards others, and that is not such a stretch for me if we are talking about someone I know and like. Where the true challenge comes is when we are talking about someone I don't know or don't like. Like that person that cut me off in traffic today. I am getting there though...<br />
<br />
When I left for the day, I stopped in the ladies room, and with all the women in and out of there all day long, no one had taken the dollar, so I added another one. <br />
<br />
Love is Everything.

Well, Snooky, I could always use a dollar, but I figure there is someone out there that may need it more than me...Personally, I believe the prize is right here, right now. This very minute is a gift that should never be wasted or taken for granted.

May God bless you for your kind act of being selfless and thinking of others first. Gluttony (taking money not needed) is a sin. Stories like this keep me focused on the prize above.

I think it is a great idea too! I'm going out at lunchtime today and getting some cash back so I can leave $1 blessings also... If the one in the bathroom is gone, I will replace it, if not, I will add my $1 to that one. If someone needs a dollar, than surely they could use two :)

Awww that is such a sweet sentiment. I hope the good karma fairy rides on the back of that person for a long time. I think I will do that in several restrooms when I go into the city. Thanks I think that is a good idea.