Homeless Doesn't Mean Not Human

I used to live in VA and would take the Metro everyday to my job in Federal Triangle area.  Homeless men (there weren't too many homeless women) would be begging for money and I remember giving them money.  I have a friend who would ride with me from VA and she used to be so mad because I gave these people money all the time and at times I would talk to them in depth about this or that.  My friend had such a bad attitude about these people who for maybe no fault of their own had become homeless.  Every year in DC, I would hear that some homeless person had died from exposure.  My attitude still is that you never know what the next bend in the road has in store for you so I give them the respect they deserve.  I would see how uncomfortable people get around homeless people.

I then moved to MD where I'm closer to my job that had moved to MD.  And so my husband and I were coming out of a Denny's and heading home when a man asks me if he could hitch a ride with us.  He didn't look the best and it looked like he was drunk but I new he was a homeless man.  So we gave him a ride and we drove around until he remembered where the shelter was.  My husband was a little angry at me but I told him that it's our duty as humans on this world to take care of each other.  It was cold that day and beginning to snow so I thought I wouldn't have it on my conscience to have someone get killed when I could have helped them.

I know I could do more but right now this is what I am comfortable with. 


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Thank you Riley!<br />
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We need more humanity on this earth that is for sure.

Thank You.

Hi IntuitiveOne<br />
Humanity lies in such acts of solidarity. Inhumanity lies in not recognizing others as yourself. <br />

amen sister i to like to sleep at night mom called good deeds stairsteps to heaven