I Heard It's Called A "prison Wallet" Ewwww

Jessica Webster, Kentucky Burglar, Caught Smuggling Heroin Syringes In Vagina

The Huffington Post  |  By Meredith Bennett-Smith Posted: 01/09/2013 6:09 pm EST

The routine search of a Kentucky arrestee turned prickly Monday when a jail employee detected something hidden in an unexpected place.

Jessica Webster, 29, was initially arrested for burglarizing a Louisville home but is now facing further charges after corrections officers discovered she was hiding hypodermic needles inside her vagina, reports The Smoking Gun. Though her smuggling technique may seem surprising, it's not an unheard-of strategy for a female criminal.

A report filed by a Louisville Metro Department of Corrections officer notes that, before her pat-down, Webster was asked if she had any contraband and said no. After the needles were discovered, Webster said she needed them because she was a heroin addict.

"The needles appeared empty but may have drug residue," the report adds.

Webster's strategy is not as novel as it sounds. On multiple occasions police have reported discovering women attempting to use their anatomy as a portable "Hide-A-Key," with generally unsuccessful results.

In March, a Frankfort, Ill., woman pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving told custody officers she was hiding four syringes, a large spoon and a clear plastic bag in her vagina, according to Frankfort Patch.

In October, drug-sniffing dogs discovered the 17 grams of meth and a clear pipeNicole Lynn Denzer, 23, of Circle Pines, Minn., had hidden away in her body cavity, according to the New York Daily News.

Webster has a long way to go, however, before she reaches the amazing precedent set in October by Philadelphia, Pa., woman Ashley Bellamy. Police observed Bellamy "walking funny," searched her and found 36 vials of crack in her vagina.

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Wow talk about multi tasking.

yeah the guys seem to use their butt and the girls their vag. All these women? Is there a rash of women toting stuff in their hoohoos? I get all squirmy just thinking about it. Some girls have a tote bag I guess. I have a little coin purse ^_^

Cutest dirty remark ever... :-p

Pretty much!

Oh and another thing: a banana might fit in a lunchbox, but not in a coin purse... I wish other women wouldn't talk so much about their preference for... very large ehm... banana's.
Nothing wrong with little coin purses, that's all I wanted to say. :-)

When I go to subway I order a 6inch not a foot-long... Coin purses are practical !

Gosh, I love euphemisms, haha.
Yes, a 6inch at subway... since the hype of the pro-ana movement hit the internet, girls around here started calling extra small portions "lady size".
To make it sound glamourous, poor souls, there is no glamour in eating disorders.
Anyway: your comment reminded me of that, that a 6 inch is would be "lady size"... what a foot-long is, you go figure that out yourself, because I don't know. :-p

A foot-long is for those who have gone 'beyond banana'

I didn't know that about 'lady size' ... I'm certainly no lady... I feel bad for these children filled with notions that they should take up as little space as possible

Oh yes, you are

It's translated, so maybe it's just a local saying.
Of course they mean that if you eat more than very little, you're some kind of barbarian pig.
I don't know why there always has to be shaming attached to these things, it seems typical for pro-ana, I don't see people with a real eating disorder do it.
Maybe they try to shame themselves in a "or else..." kind of way, but really, the only people they're shaming are the ones who eat normally and healthy.
I'm not proud of what I am and I don't think people who can be happy while eating normally are pigs, I'm actually quite jealous of them, they're the luxery ladies really.

I'm getting waaaayy offtopic, sorry for that.

<------hates pro-ana propaganda
A lady having to eat very little is so...victorian...like equating hunger with sex is stupid..sometimes I want a Kid Cuisine..sometimes a Hungry Man! .my choice...the pin-thin ideal will never go away...
Dente I think you are a lady..why wouldn't you be? I was surprised to read you have your stuff pierced...yes I don't use nasty words unless I'm pissed..then you're a twatface :D

Nothing wrong with pin-thin though... but there is something wrong with eating disorders, either suffering from them or idealising them.

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I think a prison wallet is a b-hole.

All these women using their vajayjays like this...can't someone buy them a purse !