Omg!!!! Stop This Guy!!!!

I checked to see if anything had been done about bellystabber's stories being flagged and reported.  Nada!!!! I looked at his activity and saw this:

EP Link

Take a close look at the age of the young lady who wrote the story......he is prowling, looking, grooming.  We ALL must flag and report this guy before he ACTS on his impulses!!


Update: I have flagged his comment and reported this behavior to EP.  Please do the same, maybe we can stop him.

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14 Responses Feb 20, 2010

Thank you so much Abooklover. We appreciate your help :)

absofabo ~ thank you! The more who let EP know we don't like this the better chance we have of stopping the truly dangerous ones on here.<br />
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The Squirrel ~ thank you so much for your help! Yes, if you left a comment on a story put your cursor on your name at the top where you log out and hit "my stories" in the dropdown. Click choose and then click "my comments". You should be able to find any story you have commented on in the past. Hope that helps!

Giggles-<br />
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Thanks for the heads-up. I did it.<br />
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I saw an answer like that to a question that I responded to a while back. I put a warning-type response in there similar to yours, but I did not flag it. Now, it has rolled off my activity list. Is there a way to get access to responses from earlier months?

I am happy to help!

Let me know if I can help, and how. Thanks for being one of the protectors!

Thank you Kitty!! I appreciate your caring and concern.<br />
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Cheeky ~ I know, I thought about many "different" people is this guy on here! There is no telling.....uggggh!<br />
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SleepyMom ~ thanks for the flag. Good idea about the petition, let's see if Arsineh can do something to help. Flagging and reporting the truly frightening doesn't seem to spur action but maybe directly contacting her will! Kitty has talked to her before and that might work.

Giggles, what about doing a petition (under an anonymous, superhero pseudonym) to (1) demand legal action or protective action against dangerous trollers such as bellystabber -- naming him, and (2) advise all who read the petition to immediately flag the creep. <br />
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After all, how many of us saw & signed the Boy Scout beekeeping petition and continue to see it daily even now?

I'm in -- flagged.

I just worry this guy as a dup troll account. One to spew his dark desires and the other to lure victims.

Thank you kittychanel

Excellent, thank you Cheeky!


Thank you LittleFerrett! This guy is a danger.

i flagged him